My son was well cared for and learnt many things whilst always having fun.  He will miss Lullaby’s and will, I’m sure, carry his happy memories with him for life.

Our daughter receives tremendous care, attention, and assistance toward her own personal development at Lullaby’s. The staff pay close attention to her relationship with other children and staff, and nurture her strengths as an independent and curious child. It is a benefit to have a key worker at Lullaby’s who is in consistent communication about her day-to-day achievements, whether it be saying a new word, dancing with another child, or going to the potty. We have enjoyed the environment of Lullaby’s as a family, meeting with other parents and their children and scheduling meetings with staff whenever there is a new change in the home environment or a new skill that we’d like to work on between home and nursery. We feel relieved to know that when we drop her off in the morning….she will run into the warm and inviting arms of a staff member. She is happy and well cared for, what more could a parent want! Thanks to the wonderful staff at Lullaby’s, we know that each day is another opportunity for our daughter to build friendships and to develop new skills. Thank you…to each and every staff member at Lullaby’s for your care, enthusiasm, and love.

Both of our daughters have been to Lullabys and have been incredibly happy and settled there. The staff always provide a warm welcome which means that both our daughters have arrived with a smile, running in to spend a happy day with their friends – something which is hugely reassuring as a working parent

Everyone made our family feel so welcome at Lullaby’s.  Our daughter had a wonderful time.  We were very impressed with her all round development.  If we are blessed to have another child we would certainly return to Lullabys.

I could not be more delighted with my son at nursery.  The care he receives is second to none.  He has a wonderful relationship with all the colleagues at Lullaby’s.  His favourite is his key person Natalie – soon to be ‘Nat Nat’ but only after he says mummy.  I get great advice on sleeping, development and diet which is much appreciated as a first time mum.  Finally the care he receives when he is poorly is also great.  I there was more room I’d say more but for now – thank you for taking such care of my precious boy – I could not have asked for a better nursery, team or leader in Davinia.

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for all of the amazing care that our daughter has received. We have been so happy with her progression, both in terms of developing relationships at nursery and learning games, rhymes, and songs within a playful environment. She is a happy little girl and we appreciate all of the hard work from you and your staff to ensure that her time at Lullabys has been positive.

I liked Lullaby’s from my very first visit and new it was the place for my son.  I was never disappointed.  The staff are brilliant and were always there to help him follow his interests playing with him, teaching, making maps and letters (a favourite of my son’s) and loving him.

My son has come on leaps and bounds since being at Lullabys. I find the staff very informative, friendly, supportive and understanding.  They certainly know their stuff and Nathan is always happy to be at nursery.  Well done, Team!

Our son has been with Lullaby’s now for over 18mths and at a recent parents evening I looked through his portfolio and was reminded of the journey we have been on.  I have always had 100% confidence in the team that they look after him with love and care but when I see the well mannered, happy boy (for the majority of the time) I know that a lot of this is learnt at nursery… only last night he said to me when I picked up a toy and gave it to him “that’s kind mummy, thank-you” a phrase we have never said at home and something that made my heart melt.

We felt much sadness and nervousness when our son moved from the ‘little room’ and his beloved Natalie (said as khaki – by AJ) to move to the ‘big room’.  I think the transfer was more traumatic for us as AJ had been playing with the big boys and girls for some time – but as our only son he was and remains our baby.  I was supported really well during this transfer by Natalie, Davinia and the team and am delighted to see how well he has settled with Shannon and Karen who provide the right level of love and discipline which any toddler needs; as I cannot deny we can witness the odd tantrum!

From the bottom of my heart thank you to the team at Lullaby’s in helping make us so proud of our son every day.

Everyone at Lullaby’s gave our son fabulous care and us lots of support.  He will miss them.

Over the four years my son attended Lullabys Davinia and the staff team were a great help and support with a wealth of good advice.  A really integral part of our lives.  From our sons very first visit to Lullaby’s to his last day we knew he was in safe and cared for and we were all always very happy.

I cannot thank Lullaby’s team enough for the great care they gave my son.  He has grown tremendously during his time with them.

Although my son was only at Lullaby’s for a short time, as he was 4 years when he joined them, he was provided with a memorable play experience and really enjoyed his short stay.

Davinia and the staff team really care for the children and I was always happy to leave my daughter with them.  They looked after her so well, gave her lots of lovely experiences and helped her get ready for ‘big school’.  My daughter learnt so much, had loads of fun and made lots of lovely friends.  We will both miss everyone.

My daughters and I were very thankful for the great care and attention the staff team at Lullaby’s give.  Both my daughters really enjoyed their time at Lullaby’s and we will all miss it very much.