About Lullaby Day Nursery

Lullabys  operates from from the lower ground floor of a beautiful Victorian house in a residential area in South Norwood and is close to amenities.

Access is via garden steps but once inside, the setting operates on one floor and this is at garden level.

Children are grouped, though not exclusively, in two separate rooms according to their age/needs/abilities. There is an enclosed garden area, half of which is soft surfaced, and this is accessed via the older children’s room or if needed the front door and garden gate.

There are currently 38 children from 6 months to 4 years on the roll.  The setting welcomes all children and currently has 6 children who speak English as an additional language, 2 who are dual language and 2 who speak English but regularly hear another language at home.  We work in close partnership with other agencies as needed, e.g. speech and language, occupational and physio therapist, health visitor, social worker, educational psychologists, vision and hearing support and paediatricians and the local authority team around the setting.

Children attend for a variety of sessions with some 2, 3 and 4 year olds who access only their Free Funded Entitlement / 2 year old funded hours during term time.

The group is open 7.30am – 6.30pm 51 weeks of the year (the group closes for bank holidays, between Christmas and New Year and for three staff training days per year).

We promote an ‘open door’ philosophy and as such will always, wherever possible, be available for parent to speak to one of us.  Sometimes it may be necessary to arrange an appointment, at a mutually convenient time, for a more in depth or follow up conversation.  We believe that parents are children’s first and most enduring carers and educators and that it is essential for the all round development of their children that we build positive relationship and work in close partners with them.

Every child has a nominated ‘key person’ giving each child, and their family, every opportunity to build a close relationship with someone at the setting.  Our aim is that this will aid a flow of communication between setting and family, ensure continuity of care and maximise children’s opportunities to develop to their full potential in all areas.

Lullaby’s provides a stimulating and supportive environment for all children in our care.  We value the essential support and contributions that parents/carers and the wider community provide, and feel this all helps towards enabling children to developing to their full potential.

We respect cultural diversity and include all aspects of anti bias and equal opportunities into our planning, activities and attitudes to learning and play.  Our main aims: –

  • To provide an inclusive, wide and balanced curriculum and encourage progression for all children in every area of their development.
  • To plan a stimulating environment using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.
  • To provide opportunities for each child to acquire the self esteem, skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to eagerly embark on their journey to the next stage of play and learning, whether that that is to go onto another early years setting or school.
  • To build children’s self esteem and confidence as independent learners.
  • To be aware of equal opportunities, inclusion and anti bias practice in our planning and implementation of the activities and experiences we offer the children in our care.
  • To work closely with parents/carers working in partnership with them to ensure consistency of care and education for every child.

Play is an excellent medium of learning for young children who need first hand experiences so that they can experiment, gain knowledge, grasp concepts and master new skills.

Children are encouraged in their learning by the equipment, experiences and activities we offer them and most importantly the adults who support them.

Careful planning, observations and record keeping enables staff to consider individual children’s interests and needs and to plan future activities and experiences that are appropriate for each of them.   Staff regularly look at these records with parents/carers helping them to gain knowledge of their children’s time at nursery and share ideas and information.

Good self esteem is vital in order for children to be able to learn and therefore lots of play opportunities are offered that help to develop each child confidence and ability to express his or her needs, wants, likes, dislikes and feelings.  We ensure these experiences will show every child that we value and respect them, their family, race, culture, religion, language, gender and background.

As early years practitioners our main focus for every aspect of the nursery day is the children and their best interests.  Our staff team has strong leadership; a commitment to training, is caring and actively promotes learning through play.

Planning is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.  All planning is completely flexible and can be changed as and when needed to allow for spontaneous learning and the individual ideas, interests and needs of the children as we recognise that exploring these opportunities is vital to their all round development.

Our short term plan is flexible and created to ensure planned learning aims with lots of flexibility to allow for children’s interests and unplanned events.  It incorporates ‘next step’ which are activities planned according to individual children’s interests and needs.

Our medium term plan looks at activities and experiences linked to children’s individual interests and needs.

Our long term plan supports the activities and experiences we provide, incorporates a range of festivals and celebrations, guides the children in our care to develop to their full potential during their time with us and prepares them for further learning as they make the transition to new settings such as ‘school’.